Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Every Photo Tells a Story

One of the most important lessons taught at the Outside Adventure Film School is that every shot should tell a story.  Film student, Gale Browning got the message.  She also applied the same lesson to her still photos.  One of the more outgoing of our soldiers is Chad Jukes, part mountain man, part goodwill ambassador.  Chad sustained serious injury to his right leg after his truck hit an anti-tank mine in Northern Iraq, eventually leading to his losing his leg below the knee. 

It was in the village of Namche Bazaar on the hike out that Chad encountered a small and very curious boy.  Gale Browning was nearby taking photos and she snapped one of my favorite photos from the expedition.

Gale says "...the boy was looking at Chad with bewildered eyes, Chad stopped and removed his prosthetic leg much to the surprise of the boy".  A wonderful photo.

Photo Courtesy of Gale Browning

By John von Seeburg

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