Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Matt Nyman in the News

Lending a Hand
It may seem odd that a guy who grew up in Iowa has become a mountaineer.  After all, the highest point in the state is only 1,670 feet above sea level.  Matt Nyman however takes no shortcuts, and seeks out a challenge.  And 1,670 feet above sea level doesn't cut it.

An Army Ranger, Matt was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq.  In 2005, after only eight days in Baghdad Matt lost his right leg below the knee.  This is not a guy who is easily discouraged.  In fact, after spending three weeks in Nepal with Matt, I'd say he may be one of the toughest people I've ever met.

A competitive athlete much of his life, mountaineering is a way for Matt to challenge himself and inspire others.  He's made two attempts on Denali, reaching the summit on his second attempt.  Since his return from Nepal, Matt has been sharing his story.   His hometown newspaper did a story on him, and just recently he and expedition leader Jeff Evans were featured on NPR.

By John von Seeburg

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